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Following a 30 year career in education, stretching across Canada from BC to NS, Jill Martin retired her red pen in favour of the computer keyboard. As an English, Journalism, and history teacher, she owned all the tools to explore the history of her family during the years they lived on the windswept dunes of Sable Island in the late 19th and early 20th century. Buried in letters hidden for more than a century, her ancestral search uncovered far more than she bargained for, but she believes her feisty great aunt and the Marconi men who competed for her love would approve the final product.


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“Key 2 Key Consulting”

Jill Martin BA Med, Key2Key Consulting author and researcher, is  pleased to share details of her past, recent and upcoming projects.


2003 -  Consultant to Philippe Baylaucq, Director of the NFB documentary, “Moving Sands” which premiered in the 2003 Atlantic Film Festival and was shown on the “Nature of Things”.


2013-2015 -   Return to Sable chronicles family life on Sable Island from 1884-1912.


2014-2019 - Historian and consultant for White Gate Films for their upcoming IMAX film about Sable Island.


2016 – The Superintendent’s Daughter – screenplay- based on Return to Sable. Available now. Contact Tawny Stokes, www.designatedpitcher.com for details about film production.


2016- Sable Island in Black and White is a documentary compilation of historical pictures with accompanying anecdotal narratives chronicling life on Sable Island 1884-1913. All photographs and relevant documents are digitally restored and preserved in print and electronic formats. One reviewer calls this book a ‘gift to Canadian history’.


2017– Murder in the Fourth: A Case of Mindslaughter, co-authored with Ruth Anne Whicher, is a story about a Jehovah’s Witness family living in an idyllic Southwestern Ontario community in the 1960’s as they struggle with the brutal sex slaying of a member of their congregation and the psychological murders of those lost in the dark labyrinth of cults.


2018– From Thistles to Cowpies. Set in the early years of the Great War, this novel weaves a tale about Scottish immigrants who risk everything to start new lives thousands of miles from their birth country. Before them looms the fear and uncertainty of a great unknown while behind them, the dangers inherent in leaving beg them to stay. With zeppelins silently hovering in the night sky above their cities, they fearlessly board troop ships to make the perilous crossing to Canada.


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Jill Martin

Director of Education

Friends of Sable Island Society


Jill has returned to the province her grandparents left in 1912. From her home in Lunenburg, she looks out to the mighty Atlantic and in her mind’s eye, beyond to Sable Island. Even though she was born in Saskatchewan, the Maritimes were an integral part of her growing up.  Her grandfather, Clarrie, and his sister, Trixie Bouteillier, never spared sharing stories about their lives on Sable. When her school, Lunenburg Academy, closed in 2012, she knew it was the perfect time to write her book, Return to Sable. It was a labour of love to breathe life into the Old Main Station during the years that RJ Bouteillier was the superintendent. She looks forward to working with the Friends of Sable Island Society board and hopes to put her experience in education to good use as Director of Education.