My Life: Bridge by Bridge

Coming 2020

If asked, everyone can identify a metaphor for their lives: collections of trophies, thirty thousand twitter followers, volunteer of the year for decades. My life metaphor revolves around bridges. A Saskatchewan girl, I grew up far from any life altering bridges, but by some bizarre twist of fate, bridges have defined how I see the world. Looking back, my struggle to overcome my bridge phobia left me blubbering incoherently or blacking out in full panic attack. Follow my quest to understand the debilitating nature of fear as I struggle to regain control over it. Whatever troubled waters, danger, threat, disease, or conflict my life-bridge straddled, I have learned – no matter how terrifying the crossing - to trust the safety waiting on the opposite shore. For others fighting similar demons, I give you full permission to laugh out loud, in hopes my journey will inspire you to defeat your own bridge devils.