Murder in the Fourth: A Case of Mindslaughter

Available 2018

Meet Lorraine Armstrong, a feisty, rebellious teen growing up in a strict Jehovah’s Witness family in a small southwest Ontario town in the late 1960s. Why must there be so many unfair rules – no birthday parties, no Christmas, no regular friends – she rails against her mother; while in a Kingdom Hall not far away, young Georgia Jackson goes missing. Whispers of abduction and murder terrorize the quiet community. A week later, Lorraine’s brother Peter is critically injured in a car accident and to save his life, her father consents to a blood transfusion. Punishment is swift and calculated. The powder keg already smoldering in Lorraine’s mind explodes. Lorraine’s story will make you laugh; it will make you weep, but her eventual escape and the long road of reconciliation from the haunting memories of her past will make you cheer out-loud.


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