It could be decades before they might see Scotland again. Perhaps never. Whether they chose to sail with the White Star, Cunard, or Allan Line, the immigrants listed on the manifests of hundreds of ships faced an uncertain future. The dream of beginning new lives in the young country of Canada drove them to leave everything that was familiar to embrace the unknown in a foreign landscape. Bookended by two World Wars, the dramatic narrative follows the protagonists – Joe Thomson Jr and Lillian Bouteillier - from the Highlands of Scotland and the windswept dunes of Sable Island to the fledgling province of Saskatchewan. Growing up 200 miles apart, their lives intersect in Saskatoon in 1929. Parallel plot lines bring to life the intrepid spirit of the brave men and women who settled the new province. Hard times, crippling psychological depression, and rampant infectious diseases test their stamina and strength of character. Playing out before a scrim of music, dance, softball, and war fever, theirs is a story boldly stitched into the Canadian tapestry.

Scars on the City- Edinburgh in World War I


Available 2019